5 Ways to Boost the Customer Experience

As customers are now demanding more and more from businesses, creating that memorable experience has never been more important.

Most businesses understand that a positive customer experience is the most powerful differentiator that they have. And the good news is that consumers are prepared to pay more for better service. So, what does it take to create an incredible customer experience from end-to-end?

Here are 5 areas to focus on to enhance your company’s customer experience…

1. Ask questions

Knowledge and understanding of the consumer is the key to getting it right. Asking your customers how they found out about your business, how often they buy from you, and why shows them you want to make their experience a personal one. You will gain trust with your customer by showing them that you understand their needs, so it is important to customize customer experiences.

By asking customers to rate the service they received, not only are you making the customer feel valued, you’re also gaining invaluable insights on where you can make improvements.

2. Listen

Your audience will tell you exactly what they want over time. If not – as mentioned in point 1 – don’t be afraid to reach out and ask what they like, what they don’t like, and what they would like to see improved. However, asking the questions isn’t worth the effort if you’re not going to act upon the answers you receive.

Your customers can give you the best source of real-time feedback, and employees on the front line are typically the first ones to hear from customers. Together they can diagnose the good, the bad and the ugly and identify opportunities to create a better customer experience. Employees on the front line must listen to customers. Leadership and management must listen to the front line.

3. Reassure and value your staff

Nothing turns a customer off a company faster than being shunted from one department to the next as they look to solve a problem. Your organization must learn to operate with the look and feel of a small business, no matter how big it really is. And it starts with arming your staff with the appropriate training.

Listen to your employees’ suggestions and ideas for improving any aspect of the business, and act on the best suggestions. You will be amazed at the incredible suggestions your employees will give you if you simply ask and listen. Finally, always remember to give praise where it is deserved.

4. Say “Thank You”

Your business is a business because your customers are parting with their hard-earned cash. Show your customers that you appreciate their business by saying thank you – often. As soon as a customer purchases a product or use your service, immediately acknowledge them with an email, phone call or thank you note. Try out innovative new ways to show your thanks; Host customer-appreciate events, offer discounts and send greeting cards to show your appreciation.

5. Leverage your data

Research shows that excelling in analytics cannot just accelerate time-to-market, but it can also be financially rewarding. In today’s data-driven world, one of the biggest tools companies have for creating personalized customer experiences is customer data. However, using data effectively involves walking a fine line between being personal and being invasive, even “creepy”.

Many companies are gathering a lot of valuable data on their clients without really knowing what to do with that data. Take the time to really figure out what you want from your data, then don’t be distracted on your way to getting it.

Companies must figure out the ways that they gather multiple streams of data, how they store it for easy access, and how they turn that into actionable intelligence.

Business Intelligence from BARE International India

BARE’s customer experience research can provide you with critical data to make meaningful business decisions. In all companies the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information can present monumental challenges. BARE (BI) powers smarter, more informed business decisions for your company.

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You can and should see your business through your customers’ eyes. Contact us today to receive your complimentary evaluation of your business.


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