Dear Evaluator,

We love making your life simple! Read to know more…

Our team at BARE International is always looking for new ways to improve our services for you! In this quick update, we will run through the new features and share important DOs and DON’Ts to make your evaluator experience simpler and more enjoyable!

We are excited to announce that we had activated Self-Assign feature for our highest rated evaluators during Q2 2018. This feature is available for evaluators who have consistently met and exceeded our expectations and have raised the bar for others. Evaluators that match these criteria will have the freedom to assign evaluations to themselves.

To use this feature, you can:

Go through the available visits on the Job Board and assign an evaluation to yourself >> Select the fieldwork date >> Read and listen to the guidelines at your own convenience >> Submit the report within 24-48 hours of an evaluation.

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Auto Cancellation and planning date functions have been initiated during the last quarter for evaluators to select the date of their field visit. 

Evaluators need to fill in the exact date of the visit at most 24 hours after the project is assigned to them, otherwise the assignment will be cancelled automatically. By adopting this function, the evaluators can better arrange their visit time and if evaluators don’t have time for the visit, it’s more convenient for them to cancel.

Please mention the appropriate planning date to avoid cancellation of your evaluation.

*Non submission of the report within 48 hours will lead to cancellation of the evaluation.

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*Please read the guidelines and perform the evaluation within the project timelines.

It was the Customer Experience (CX) Day  on 2nd October, 2018 — an annual holiday where we love to take a moment and thank you for your insights and dedication to the customer experience research industry! We truly appreciate you!

Here is what Cx Means to all of us at BARE International:

We appreciate your hard work and all you do for BARE. Thank you for embracing these new features!


BARE International India Team