‘Brick-and-mortar retail has been impacted by the pandemic, of course, but its struggles have been compounded by a familiar foe: the competition against e-commerce sales. Recent data show, however, that brick-and-mortar retail is demonstrating a surprising degree of resistance to this threat.’ BARE shares an article by Calvin Schnure for Forbes on the comeback of brick-and-mortar retail. Read more

‘Healthcare is competitive, just like any other business. Healthcare professionals have learned the importance of delivering an excellent patient experience. Their future business depends on it.’ BARE shares an article by Shep Hyken for Forbes on healthcare experience. Read more

Are you interested in making an impact on your operational and service results?  Are you concerned that standards have fallen due to lack of corporate budget for monitoring? Do you want make a difference with a nominal investment in time and money? 

There is a saying, “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.  Linda Amraen, Global Director of Client Services of Hospitality at BARE International,  provides an overview of the Self-Audit methodology and why deploying Self-Audit to ensure your team is performing according to standards is important in mitigation of risk and overall improvement. 

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