‘Who’s ordering most of the mobile meals we’ve come to love in the age of COVID? You know who. It’s millennials and Gen Z, overwhelmingly.’ BARE shares an article for PYMNTS.com on restaurant customer loyalty. Read more

‘Although leisure travel is currently a pretty lousy idea in most of the world, there are still times when people really need to travel. And with hotels struggling to stay afloat, it makes sense that some of them are turning to a new way to delivery hospitality—to take care of their guests.’ BARE shares an article by Ann Abel for Forbes on quarantining in hotels. Read more

‘There has been a step-change in behavior since last year with customers relying more on text messaging when communicating with retailers.’ BARE shares an article by Shelley Kohan for Forbes on SMS text messaging customers. Read more

‘Besides COVID-19, climate change is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing this decade, but the good news is there is ample opportunity for innovation. Some companies have caught on, proving that some segments of the economy are actually thriving under the circumstances.’ BARE shares an article by Claudia Alarcon for Forbes on sustainable and plant-based online grocery stores.

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‘The global pandemic has changed a lot of things for employees around the world. It accelerated remote work, put a new emphasis on technology, and put the employee experience (EX) in the spotlight. Companies are learning that in order to keep customers happy, and even to stay in business, they need to focus on their employees’ experience working under such new and dramatic environments.’ BARE shares an article by Cathy Hackl for Forbes on employee experience.  Read more

BARE International honored for the MSPA Americas annual Shoppers’ Choice Awards for 2020. Read more

‘Food trucks have continued to operate even when restaurants can’t serve inside.’ BARE shares an article by Micheline Maynard for Forbes on food trucks during the pandemic.

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