44% of Indian customers will leave a brand for lack of customised service and 88% of them will talk about their negative experience with the whole world – which brings us to ask – do you REALLY know happy your customers are?

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There’s never been a better time to become a Paid Evaluator for BARE International.

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Shopper’s Stop is the recipient of the first annual BARE International Client Choice Award in India. In 2017 BARE International celebrated its 30th anniversary of supporting businesses worldwide in creating excellent customer experiences. Read more

The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated across the enterprise giving hopes of amping up automation, enriching insights, streamlining processes and augmenting workers. In many ways making our lives as consumers, employees, and customers a whole lot better. Read more

There are many companies across India that offer Mystery Shopping services – but what makes BARE International India so extraordinary? We go beyond Mystery Shopping alone – With offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, BARE is a global leader in Customer Experience Measurement. Read more

Sssshhhh listen… can you hear it? People are talking about you. Your customers have a voice and more likely than not, they’re trying to communicate with you – or more importantly OTHERS – via social media. Read more

A company that provides poor customer service is running a great risk of losing a large percentage of its customer base. 

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