Within a period of five months, COVID-19 has taken the shape of a monstrous anaconda, gripping and swallowing the world and bringing it to a grinding halt. Despite stringent lockdowns, countries have suffered a heavy blow in losing human lives and complete disruption of the world economy. At the time of writing this report, India recorded 1,20,535 cases out of which 49,872 have recovered and 3,605 have died. Such is the impact of deadly Coronavirus. Deepa, a Quality Control Executive, shares how retailers have been affected, and the call to actions recommended to move forward.

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‘Customers who once wandered the aisles of stores now place orders online. Employees keep their distance from customers instead of greeting them personally.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes about how retailers are adapting with curbside pickup in order to serve customers and keep their businesses afloat. Read more

We all have days where we lack motivation, and you’re not alone. It happens. Even the most positive and productive people have days like this. Michelle, a BARE Quality Control Executive, shares a few ‘survival strategies’ for staying mentally healthy amidst the lockdown. Read more

‘Every consumer has their go-to brands—the companies they will do business with again and again because of a trusted track record, great product and strong service. Every company wants to be a go-to brand, only about one-third of them reach that status.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes on the connection and progress for customers of the future.

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‘As eCommerce’s share of overall retail sales shot past an estimated 25% (up from 17% in 2019), the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has rushed to adapt to a rapidly changing business model. ‘ BARE shares an article by Kiri Masters for Forbes discussing the rise eCommerce among grocery shoppers. Read more

For the past few weeks, we have all experienced a huge shift in shopping behaviors to digital adoption and online experiences. As retailers, restaurants, and other on-site businesses begin to reopen, there will be another shift in consumer behaviors… And it’s not going to be the same as before. 

Are you ready to reopen with the upcoming ‘new normal’?

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