CX is Team Sport: A Day in the Life Series, part II – Operations Department

For CX Day 2021, we are celebrating the impact customer experience professionals make while working as a team. We interviewed several of our BARE colleagues from all the departments that make up the BARE International Team. Peek into ‘a day in the life of…’ several departments, who work together to provide customer experience data and reports to our client partners across the globe.

Today’s series highlights members from our Operations and Project Management team here at BARE International! The key role of our Operations team is to ensure programs are running efficiently while providing unmatched service to our client partners. Read on to see what a typical day looks like!

Good morning! What did you have for breakfast?


MISTY, OPERATIONS MANAGER, US: Nothing – I usually have coffee and remember to eat around 1pm or so each day.  I jump in and get busy as soon as I wake up and get the kiddos off to school.

DOROTTYA, TEAM SUPERVISOR, EUROPE: A granola bar and a few grapes (one of those quick grab-and-go breakfasts – I was really in a hurry today morning)


KIMI, PROJECT MANAGER, CHINA: Coffee and sandwich.

As of today, how many shops do you need to get completed by the end of the month?

GRIETJE: I am not directly responsible for assigning shops but for this month there are several thousands to be completed..

MISTY: Over 3000.

DOROTTYA: 80 open shops altogether (I can hopefully push it down today after some recruitment)

ORSOLYA: ~1400

KIMI: Almost 200 shops


What piece of advice would you give to an evaluator?

GRIETJE: Carefully read the sticky notes and the guidelines.  If you have any questions always reach out to your BARE point of contact prior to performing the visit or completing the report.

MISTY: Double check your work.

DOROTTYA: Read the instructions carefully, and if you have even the slightest doubt about something, please ask! There are no stupid questions!

KIMI: We have professional training and visit guides to provide. Please be confidence.

What’s the service or tool that clients are asking about the most?

GRIETJE: Our customized reporting provided by our reporting platform and our Business Intelligence team.

MISTY: Pricing Audits and Competitive Pricing Research.

What’s ONE small initiative or change a company can do to elevate their customers’ experience?

GRIETJE: Take the first step and approach Bare.  Do not make assumptions on how your customers feel, get unbiased feedback from our evaluators and use these as the building blocks to provide excellent customer experience.

MISTY: Ask them!  There are so many ways to ask customers how you are doing, what you are doing well, and how you can improve their customer experience.

DOROTTYA Answering customer queries quickly and showing empathy!

KIMI: Compile and review your analysis report.

It’s 5 o’clock! What are you up to now?

MISTY: Still working!  My client is West Coast and I’m East Coast, so I usually start my day and end it a little later.

DOROTTYA: Uploading some invoices and finishing up some administration.

KIMI: Update questionnaire list for client.

What do you enjoy the most about working at BARE International?

GRIETJE: The multi-cultural diversity among the Bare employees and the wide variety of clients spanning across all industries.

MISTY: I love the family – BARE is a large, global company capable of handling the CX and market research needs of any company, but because the BARE family still owns the company and is involved in the day to day, it feels like a family to the employees and to our clients.

DOROTTYA: Definitely the atmosphere! I have always been a part of some really cool teams with immensely helpful and lovely colleagues! I also love that my job is full of surprises and small challenges coming along day by day – almost never a dull moment!

ORSOLYA: Trust in people, effective communication, the support of each other.

KIMI: Help customers improve their company’s customer experience together.

Describe a moment or memory that stands out for you during your time at BARE.

GRIETJE: Getting the entire KAM team together in Belgium for a team event.  Situated across 2 offices and coming from more than 4 different countries, it was great to see everybody together and have a great time!

MISTY: There are too many to count, but one thing that stands out is how my team came together for me when my entire family was struck with COVID last year and I needed to be out of the office for over a week.  Everyone came together to make sure I could rest and know that everything would be handled and no balls would be dropped.  They also sent me some goodies personally to make me feel better.  The support at BARE is like nowhere else I have ever worked..

DOROTTYA: When I received my first postcard from an evaluator!

Here we GROW! A career with BARE offers many unique advantages, not the least of which is the pleasure of working in a family-like atmosphere coupled with the excitement of an entrepreneurial global company and exposure to international markets. For open opportunities, check out our Careers page!


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