CX is Team Sport: A Day in the Life Series, part I – Client Services Department

For CX Day 2021, we are celebrating the impact customer experience professionals make while working as a team. We interviewed several of our BARE colleagues from all the departments that make up the BARE International Team. Peek into ‘a day in the life of…’ several departments, who work together to provide customer experience data and reports to our client partners across the globe.

Today’s series highlights members from our Client Services team here at BARE International! The key role of our Client Services team is to act as the bridge between program development and in-field implementation. Read on to see what a typical day looks like!

Good morning! What did you have for breakfast?


MELANIE, DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES US: Scrambled eggs and an iced coffee!

LINDA, DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES, HOSPITALITY: I start every day with a good breakfast, cup of coffee and walk outside, with my dog.  Doing these three things sets me up for a positive day!  I take my hints from my dog who always stretches before exercising and approaches each opportunity to get outside with joy.

Who did you reach out to first?

BECKY: My team — Matheus in Brazil; Pablo in Chile; Ildi, Orsi and Sayana in Hungary; Falguni and Nigel in India; Noemi in Philippines.

MELANIE: Lucy, the BARE US Data Quality Manager.

Provide an example of one client or evaluator interaction you had today.

BECKY: My interactions are with the clients, not evaluators.  I have daily email exchanges with the Energy & Fuels clients in one way or another — sharing new information, resolving challenges, celebrating successes.

MELANIE: Received a great email from a client about adding to their current program!

What piece of advice would you give to an evaluator?

BECKY: As an evaluator myself: PREPARE.  Read or review the Guidelines and look at the form before going out to do the work.

MELANIE: Based on my 19 years with BARE and a majority of that time working directly with evaluators , I would say to read. Read all of the information provided. It may seem like a lot at times, but many questions can be answered and ease of frustration reduced.

LINDA: Prepare well in advance using the detail provided in the project briefings, videos any by reviewing the report.  Doing so will allow you ample time to reach out to your project manager if there are any questions raising your confidence while in field.

What’s the service or tool that clients are asking about the most?


MELANIE: Clients want to know / receive actionable data. What tools do we have in our dashboard to give them a leg up on this and be able to make changes.

LINDA: Clients are interested in steam lining!  They ask about aggregating their data on one platform with single sign on and to have the ability to self inspect when they want where they want using their local teams.


What’s ONE small initiative or change a company can do to elevate their customers’ experience?

MELANIE: Listen.

LINDA: Companies can elevate the experience by coaching their employees when they do what is expected.  This will reinforce positive behavior and will encourage more of the same.

It’s 5 o’clock! What are you up to now?

BECKY: Fixing dinner for family, reading a good novel

MELANIE: Fun with my toddler!

What was the best part of your day?

MELANIE: Picking up my sweet toddler from school.

LINDA: Today I was on-boarding a new resource manager!  Having the ability to talk to someone about the processes we have in place, show how to do what we do and then listen to their questions and ideas is inspiring.  It is always insightful to learn from those who are new since they bring fresh eyes and positivity!

What do you enjoy the most about working at BARE International?

BECKY: I love my job!  I feel blessed to interact with such great colleagues and clients around the world.

MELANIE: No two days are the same!

LINDA: I find that working with an international company and persons around the world expands my interest and knowledge of the world.  Collaborating with the global teams for solutions for clients, listening to challenges faced and learning how they overcome makes me stronger and inspires flexibility and creativity.

Describe a moment or memory that stands out for you during your time at BARE.

BECKY: When I had breast cancer (8 years ago now), my colleagues at BARE were part of my crucial support system.  They helped with my work, donated PTO hours, prayed, sent flowers and cards and emails.

MELANIE: I think it’s the moments that have been unexpected whether sad or happy and how the team comes together to care for one another.  At the end of the day, we’re human and humans need kindness, compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

Here we GROW! A career with BARE offers many unique advantages, not the least of which is the pleasure of working in a family-like atmosphere coupled with the excitement of an entrepreneurial global company and exposure to international markets. For open opportunities, check out our Careers page!

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