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Tomorrow is World Health Day! As well as looking into your own personal health and lifestyle goals, it’s time you looked into the workplace. While it’s essential to build healthy bonds with your team, defining areas of respect, authority and productivity can be challenging when navigating the line between boss and friend.

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The promise of artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated across the enterprise giving hopes of amping up automation, enriching insights, streamlining processes and augmenting workers. In many ways making our lives as consumers, employees, and customers a whole lot better. Read more

There are many companies across India that offer Mystery Shopping services – but what makes BARE International India so extraordinary? We go beyond Mystery Shopping alone – With offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, BARE is a global leader in Customer Experience Measurement. Read more

A company that provides poor customer service is running a great risk of losing a large percentage of its customer base. 

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We had a unique feedback late last year coming in through a health & fitness client with whom we are running a monthly mystery shopping program – a couple of their stakeholders (franchise owners) had requested to be excluded from the program.

Reason provided? They have been performing consistently well all year long.

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