BARE Editor Conference 2018!

BARE International India just held the first BARE Editor Conference of the year with our freelance editors. The event was a great success and the in-house team was delighted to meet the people they’ve been working with many months.

The event was packed with several interesting sessions, including an ice breaker with our internal editors, discussions about the goals and strategies for 2018, as well as the future of the BARE India editing team. We thank the editors who joined us for the event and can’t wait for the next event!

Welcoming the editors to the office

The certificate and gift given to each editor

The content of each editors’ folder – a print out of the agenda, the supporting documents and a feedback form.

Setup of the conference room before the event. Each editor got a folder with the documents above, a notebook and pen, a bottle of water, juice and a glass. Cookies, tissues and more juice were readily available in front of them. Sandwiches were served later, during the break.

The whole group (minus one as she had to leave as soon as the event was over)

Presenting the certificates


During the event

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