‘Chefs are pushing aside the beds and redefining the meaning of a private dining room.’ BARE shares an article by Kate Krader for Bloomberg with private dining in select rooms. Read more

‘Comfort shopping; revenge shopping. Call it what you will. Department stores across the world are counting on consumers wanting to spend more money than usual, particularly on luxury, in the narrow countdown to Christmas, putting some gloss on sales figures after a staggeringly bleak year.’ BARE shares an article by Kati Chitrakorn for Vogue Business with some ways department stores are rushing to boost Christmas spending. Read more

‘Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience are both quite popular in the business industry today. While one promises the exponential possibility of growth and modernization, the other denotes the importance of customers in business growth.’ BARE shares an article by Pratip Biswas for IoT For All on AI and CX.

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‘Customer experience is everything, especially for healthcare businesses. However, there seems to be a gap between healthcare providers and their consumers.’ BARE shares an article for Managed Healthcare Executive on CX automation in healthcare. Read more

‘Covid-19 has led to an increase in used car sales as people avoid mass transportation and are more sensitive to auto cost in the recession. Consumers can now find greater inventory of used vehicles online, and dealers are accelerating digital efforts too, but it can come at a premium and demand is driving up prices.’ BARE shares an article by Eric Rosenbaum for CNBC on trends in the used car market. Read more

When a customer no longer has to enter the store, the retailer has lost every touchpoint that exists within the store environment.‘ BARE shares an article by Sandy Smith for NRF on BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) and curbside customer experience. Read more

‘The COVID pandemic has had a devastating impact on high street retail, with in-store footfall continuing on a downward spiral in markets all over the world, and retailers forced to accelerate their move into e-commerce.’ BARE shares an article by Alison Coleman for Forbes on bridging the gap between in-store CX and mass migration to online sales. Read more

‘E-commerce shopping has steadily grown, even accelerated due to Coronavirus, expected to reach $4.2 billion globally in 2020 (Statista) and be more than 16% of global retail sales. Nearly every category and vertical has been impacted, including books, video, electronics, and of course household goods. We can expect this holiday season to be even bigger.’ BARE shares an article by Mat Zucker for Forbes with shopper behavior and marketing. Read more

‘Many organizations today consider customer experience to be key in differentiating them from competitors. This is vital, as most businesses are now operating more-so online than in person because of the pandemic. The online world brings with it increased competition, particularly from digital natives. While most businesses can’t compete with digital natives from a technology perspective, they should be looking to other ways they can provide value to customers that will secure their loyalty.’ BARE shares an article by Neil Hammerton for ITProPortal with key differences between customer service and customer experience. Read more

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